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Fritz Enterprises Inc.
1650 West Jefferson
Trenton MI, 48183
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Welcome to Fritz Enterprises
Since day one Fritz Enterprises, Inc. has been striving to be the leader in the ferrous metal market. Through our core businesses of steel mill services and scrap metal processing we have sold, reclaimed, or melted millions of tons of ferrous metal.
Our ability to become one of the leaders in the recycling field has been due to our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, high quality products, and knowing through are actions we are able to sustain earth for future generations.
Our Mission
"We are motivated by the knowledge that the Earth's resources are finite. We are dedicated to seeking and implementing ways of reclaiming and recycling all that mankind uses and casts aside. We are driven to our task by the conviction that the bounty of this Earth is but a loan...not to be consumed but, rather, to be shared with all future generations." Leonard Fritz